Welcome to Joy of Motion

welcome to Joy of motion

Hey there new guest! I’m so happy you’re here!

If you are visiting this site for the first time you are probably looking for a some information about Joy of Motion.  Joy of Motion is first and foremost a page for all things crochet – where you can find unique crochet designs made by Ennajk, the person behind Joy of Motion.

Joy of Motion believes in delivering HIGH quality crochet patterns – and are always striving to give you the best, most original & individual designs.

Joy of Motion also has a BLOG – where you can catch up on the latest updates & learn more about crocheting.

the crochet enthusiast

If you are a crocheting enthusiast – you have come to the right place

You will find great & unique designs in the shop & plenty to choose from!

But crocheting isn’t always that easy – & sometimes you’re dreaming of making something new. That’s when you’ll find great inspiration & help on the blog!

Joy of Motion share all the tiny tips and tricks to make your own projects in a breeze, without confusion & frustration.

If you buy a crochet pattern you also have the right to get FREE email correspondence if there is anything you can’t figure out. That’s great right?


the crochet beginner

If you are a beginner crocheter

you have also come to the right place. In the blog & throughout the shop you will find useful bits of information to help you learn crocheting.

There is a “Beginners Guide To Crochet” on the blog –  that are going to help you step by step to become a confident crocheter. For this you will need absolutely NO background skills.

You will also find a whole blog series explaining “How to Read a Crochet Pattern”, giving you confidence when you purchase your first pattern.


What now?

If you like what you see & you can identify with at least one of the characters described; you should really consider heading over to the blog or shop really soon.  Here you can increase your knowledge about what Joy of Motion is all about.

But first: make sure you acquire your FREE subscription to Joy of Motions newsletters. You will get first hand news & updates before anyone else, you will also get perks for being a loyal friend. Starting out with a coupon code & a FREE crochet pattern! 

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