US vs Metric crochet hook sizes

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Understanding crochet:

I’m a fan of being able to understand crochet no matter what part of the world you come from.
When I learned crochet for the first time I learned it from my grandmother & I learned it all with Norwegian terms. I did not have any crochet patterns back then, but just crocheted along with my grandmothers very small crochet hook & a even thinner thread. At least that was how tiny it seemed for a newbie crocheter.

I didn’t love it at first; the really small crochet hook & the thin thread scared me away. It was many years later that my grandmother once again thought me the basic crochet stitches that I fell in love with it. I went on and bought a bigger crochet hook & thick yarn, and found a crochet pattern that I loved from Drops Design. It was mostly chains & single crochet stitches, & I figured out how to read the crochet patterns on my own.




Learning US crochet terms:

I continued buying and crocheting with Norwegian crochet patterns a few more years, but then I wanted to explore some more. I found that reading only Norwegian crochet patterns limited me & I bought my first crochet pattern books from Amazon. Once again I learned to read the crochet patterns & made myself familiar with US crochet terms. This meant hours of Google searches, but I also was able to make some amazing & beautiful creations.


US & Metric crochet hooks:

This is why I also have become familiar with the different names of the US & Metric needle sizes.

The conversion charts between those are always only a Google search away, but sometimes I like to have these charts handy & available to me. That’s why I have made this conversion chart for you . If you find yourself in need of it – just print, pin or remember to stop by this post when you need it.

I have also added the UK crochet hook sizes to make it even more complex. But it still is quite easy to read.


Standardization of crochet hooks:

As I’m writing this blog post I made an important realization. As you can see some of the metric crochet hooks are mentioned by two or more alphabetic US crochet hooks. This is because the actual size on the US crochet hooks vary.

This is something you should take into consideration when you buy crochet hooks without a metric crochet size mentioned. The great thing about the metric crochet size is that it is a measurement & the size is in that way standardized.

The best choice is to buy crochet hooks with BOTH metric & US sizes to make sure the hook you are using is the correct size.


The takeaway:

Print this or keep it with your saved links. Make sure you find it when you need it.





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