Another Crochet Top – The Choro Top

– A new Crochet Top from Joy of Motion!

My favorite when it comes to designing crochet patterns is sweaters! I must say “I’m hooked”! That’s why I’m looking forward to share a new pattern with you today,  It’s a new crochet top! Well that’s as close as I come to a sweater design.

crochet top choro top

Joy of Motions newest design that I’m sharing today is a new crochet top/sweater design that is short sleeved & oversized. I’ve had “The Summer Sweater” in mind when designing this top.  It’s sort of a follow up pattern with the same shape, however with short sleeves this time. I’ve also used a different crochet stitch, & in that way you’ll see the similarity to “The Aestivus Top” & “The Saltus Sweater“.

crochet top choro top

The crochet pattern is rated with skill level EASY, & you’ll be able to make this with just a short crocheting “career”. I’m as always suggesting that you have the knowledge covered in my “Beginners Guide to Crochet” before starting a project like this.

crochet top choro top

I’m thinking that this really is a great top all year through. It can be made in a few different ways to  customize it to your needs. The neck opening can be made more open or closed. The length can be changed & there is also a written explanation to make the sleeves in two different ways.  Changing these things up will make it perfect for almost any need, event & season.

crochet top choro top

If you’re looking for other designs I would like to send you over to check out “The Aestivus Top” that you’ll find by clicking the picture below.

Introducing a new design - The Aestivus Top

Let me know what you think about the new “Choro Top” & if there’s something you’d be excited to see if I’ve designed it.

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