HOW TO: read a crochet pattern – part 3

– all the details & terms you need to know

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This is the final blog post in “HOW TO READ A CROCHET PATTERN”. This completes all the necessary knowledge you need to read a crochet pattern. I’m exited to say that this means you from now on can read any crochet pattern as a star. Even if you are a beginner you have all the knowledge here to be able to fully understand crochet pattern.

Before you start – REMEMBER – email me or comment if you have any questions – I’m happy to help!



For clothing or crochet patterns that are made in more that one piece you will for the most find diagrams on how they are going to be assembled. This will be a drawing of the shape of each piece & a indication on which sides that will be crocheted or sewed together.



Under notes you will find additional information that isn’t already mentioned. This is where you will find information that does not fit under any other heading. Mostly this will be small suggestions or ideas for the crochet pattern.



You have finally reached the MOST important heading. This is where the actual crochet instructions is given.

The crochet instructions is for the most given in either rows or rounds, depending on what you are making. Rows will require turning your work when you finish a row. When you crochet in rounds you will for the most continue to crochet the same way the whole time & no turning is necessary (if not given).

Here you will need to check the “Abbreviations” to be able to read the pattern.


A pattern can be written like this:

Ch 10. 

Row 1: Sc in third ch from hook, sc across ch row, turn.

Row 2: Ch 1, sc in sc from previous row, turn. 

This is given with abbreviations & tells you exactly what to do.


In crochet patterns where you are going to make more than one piece, it will for the most be split up under subheadings that are self explanatory; like sleeves, front, hood etc.



Under finishing you will get the instructions that are necessary to finish up the crochet project. This can be “weave in ends“, “fasten buttons” or more details on “how you actually are going to sew something together or where to sew on the buttons“.


Care instructions:

Care instructions are important to make sure you will keep your handmade item as long as possible. To take the best care of you crochet project you should check to see if your yarn gives any washing instructions. Mostly wool will need hand-wash or a wool program on you washing-machine.

Stretch your item to give it the shape it needs. I also recommend that you dry most handmade items flat to make sure it doesn’t loose the shape when hanging due to the dripping water.


This is it!

Now you can go back to the previous blog posts & make sure you have all the details.

I will also recommend that you test a crochet pattern & see if you understand.

Any questions? Let me know – email or comment.



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