THE HOW TO’s: The introduction to a blog-post series coming up!

It’s really exciting to be able to present the new blog-post series from Joy of Motion. 


From now on I’m gonna share some really cool tips & inside information on HOW TO crochet all of my patterns.

There are going to be quite a few photo guides coming up for you – so just stay tuned.

This is going to be really great and a fun way to get all the crochet information you need in the same place. Now you can get even better at crocheting & learn lots of new & exciting stitches.

If you already have a crochet pattern from Joy of Motion you now have a place to look for answers to any questions you have about the stitches. The step-by-step picture series is going to be great!

This is the guide to “Some of my favorite stitches you might need” – as they are listed in my crochet patterns!

some of my favorite stitches that you might need 769

If you are reading this & you have none of my crochet patterns – don’t go away! This is going to be awesome for you too!

Starting of tomorrow I’m going to share with you the STEP-BY-STEP – HOW-TO on the “Bubblepattern” from my crochet patterns. This is a quite easy stitch when you know it, but it might be a little bit more difficult at first. So if you just find your HOOK & YARN and we can get started!

What you will find in this blog series:

1split clusters1

Copy of Beginners (2) (4)

Copy of Beginners (2) (5)

Copy of Beginners (2) (12)

Copy of Beginners (2) (13)


There will be even more  of this coming up later on!

If you are completely new to crochet I would recommend that you start by reading my “Beginners Guide To Crochet” first!