Introducing the Solis Top

– A new Crochet Top from Joy of Motion

Solis top

I’m always quite excited when I’ve been able to finish a new crochet pattern, tested it & are ready to share it. I’ve had some really busy months & can tell you that I’ve been working hard. There are many new crochet patterns for 2016 in the making, as well as a few almost ready. But today I’m sharing the Solis top.


Solis top This top is really my new favorite. It’s so perfect for spring & I’ve already been able to wear mine a couple of times, even though it’s still quite cold outside.

Solis top The top comes in 5 sizes from XS-XL. It can easily be customized as a longer or shorter top. It’s a box top & has a normal fit. Again you can make it a size bigger/smaller to make it fit your preference. It might just be you next oversized top for summer.

Solis top

I’ve made this top with a new stitch that is being added to my stitch library, “The Berry Stitch”, referring to all the small “Berry’s” in the stitching. This stitch might be a little harder to learn than other stitches I’ve used earlier, & gives the pattern skill level “Intermediate”. However the stitch pattern is quite repetitive & the shaping is easy, meaning that you’d might just master it as a crocheter with a shorter “career”.

Solis top

I’m thinking this might just be a top for any season though. In a darker color, this is a perfect top for fall & winter as well. But here I’ll leave it to your imagination, & letting some more photos inspire you:

Solis top Solis top
Solis top
Solis top

Make sure to check out the Solis top here.

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