HOW TO: Crochet the Broomstick Lace Stitch

– a step-by-step picture & video guide

HOW TO- Crochet the Broomstick lace stitch

Let’s just say – I’ve come across a crochet stitch that I’m really excited about; The Broomstick Lace Stitch. It’s really lovely when it comes to texture & eye-appeal.

The interesting thing about this stitch is that you will be needing not just the crochet hook & yarn, but also a “Broomstick” – or a round & long object – like a pen, thicker crochet hook or knitting needle. You’ll have to play a little when it comes to the thickness compared to the yarn of your choice to find the look you are after.

The stitch is not as hard as it looks, & you’ll get used to using the “Broomstick” quite quickly. However you’ll need to know how to crochet at double crochet stitch to crochet this stitch.

If you have bought one of my patterns, you might wonder how it is done. The pattern always offers written text in addition to charts, but now I will share a step by step picture guide with you. In addition there is a video of how to crochet this stitch on the bottom. Today I suggest that you learn the stitch & then you should use it in a project! You can make you own project, but on the bottom of this post I have also included all crochet patterns that are using the “Broomstick Lace Stitch”!

Broomstick Lace Stitch – the STEP-BY-STEP picture guide:

1. Starting the stitch:

1a. Make chains:

Chain as many stitches as the pattern suggest. Always chain a number that can be divided by 5, + 1 extra chain.

No picture – refer to “Beginners Guide to Crochet part 1“.

1b. Single crochet:

broomsticklace 1 + 400

Turn your work & single crochet (sc) stitches along chain (ch) row.

You are now ready to find your “Broomstick”.

2. Drawing up loops:

broomsticklace2 + 400

2a. Move the loop from the crochet hook to the broomstick.

broomsticklace3 + 400

2b. First time you do this: Move the loop from the crochet hook to the broomstick. Draw up loops from the back loop of every single crochet (sc) from last row.

When repeating: Draw up loops from the back loop of every double crochet (dc) from last row.

broomstick4 + 400

2c. You have now all loops on the “Broomstick”.

3. Crocheting double crochet stitches:

* You can choose to pull out the whole “Broomstick” or move 5 loops at the time over to the crochet hook.

broomsticklace 5 + 400

 3a. Starting the row (3a-3d): Move 5 loops over to the crochet hook. Tighten….&

3b. & slip stitch (sl st) around the 5 loops.

broomsticklace7 + 400

3c. Ch 2 stitches.

broomsticklace8 + 400

3d. Dc 4  stitches around the 5 loops.

broomsticklace9 + 400

3e. Across the row (3e-3g): Move 5 stitches on to the crochet hook.

broomsticklace10 + 400

3f. Tighten & crochet 1 sc around the 5 loops.

broomsticklace11 + 400

3g. Crochet 5 double crochet stitches (dc) around the 5 loops.

broomsticklace12 + 400

*Repeat 3e.-3g. until end of row.

broomsticklace13 + 400

**REPEAT number 2 & 3 until  desired length.

Broomstick Lace Stitch – the written description:

Row 1: Chain as many stitches as the pattern suggests.

Row 2: Sc in 2. Chain from hook. Crochet sc in all chains from last row.

Row 3: With a “Broomstick” draw up a loop and add to the broomstick from all stitches from last row.

Row 4: Move 5 loops from “Broomstick” over to the crochet hook. Tighten and slip stitch around the 5 loops. Chain 2 stitches. Dc 4 stitches around the loops. *Move the next 5 loops from “Broomstick” over to the crochet hook. Tighten and sc 1 stitch around the 5 loops. DC 5 stitches around the same 5 loops**. Repeat from * to ** until end of row.

Row 5: With a “Broomstick” draw up a loop and add to the broomstick from back loop of all dc stitches from last row.

Repeat row 4 and 5.


Broomstick Lace Stitch – video guide:

This shows how to crochet the “Broomstick Lace Stitch”.

Compare this with the written instructions & you should have a feel about how it’s done.


My crochet patterns that are using the “Broomstick Lace Stitch”:

“The Delicatus Headband

“The Delicatus Headband”

“The Delicatus Wrist Warmers”

“The Delicatus Wrist Warmers”

“The Delicatus Hat”

“The Delicatus Hat”



  • What a beautiful stitch and tutorial, I shall be bookmarking this for my next crochet project, thank you for sharing! 🙂

    • Thank you so much for your feedback! It’s really one of the most stunning crochet stitches that I know. I hope you enjoy making something with it 🙂
      There will also be a few crochet patterns coming using this stitch up within November.