HOW TO: Crochet the “Woodland Stitch”

– a step-by-step guide picture & video guide

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This stitch might be known under other names, & like many of my other favorite stitches I don’t remember where I first came across it. It gives a lovely texture & quite a “romantic” & traditional crochet look. It is a fan stitch & it is quite easy.

If you have bought one of my crochet patterns, you might wonder how it is done. The pattern always offers written text in addition to charts, but now I will give you a lot of additional explanations. In addition there is a video of how to crochet this stitch on the bottom.

Today I suggest that you learn the stitch & then you should use it in a project! You can make you own project, but on the bottom of this post I have also included all crochet patterns that are using the “Woodland stitch”!

 Just grab you hook & yarn and you’re ready!


The stitches you need to master:

I have linked to the blog posts that are covering these quite easy stitches.

– Chain

– Single Crochet

– Double Crochet

– Half Double Crochet


If you know how to crochet them, you should be good to go to master this stitch.


“Woodland stitch” – the written description:

Work in rows:

                Row 1: Ch as many st as the pattern specifies.

Row 2 (preparation row): Sc in third ch from hook, ch 2, sc in same st, skip two st, *sc in next st, ch two, sc in same st*, repeat until end of row, end with hdc, turn.

Row 3: Ch 3, *dc 3 st in ch loop* repeat until end of row, end with dc in last st, turn.

Row 4: Ch 2, *sc in middle dc from last row, ch 2, sc in same stitch*, repeat until end of row, end with hdc, turn.

Repeat row 3-4.

Work in rounds:

                Follow the instructions as in rows. Start every round with ch 2 or 3 st. But end rounds with sl st in third ch from the beginning of the round, not hdc or dc. No need to turn.



Ch = chain

Sc = single crochet

Dc = double crochet

Hdc = half double crochet

St = stitch(es)


“Woodland stitch” – video guide:

This video shows how to crochet the  “Woodland Stitch”.

(The video has NO sound.)

My crochet patterns that are using the “Woodland stitch”:

Click on the picture to view the Crochet Pattern Descriptions.

Joy of Motion-640

“The Saltus Sweater”

Joy of Motion-3

“The Bellus Headband”

"The Bellus Mittens"

“The Bellus Mittens”

“The Choro Top”

“The Choro Top”

“The Bellus Hat”

“The Bellus Hat”

Aestivus top

“The Aestivus Top”

“The Glacies Hat”

“The Glacies Hat”

“The Baby Boots”

“The Baby Boots”

“The Candle Covers”

“The Candle Covers”

 I hope you enjoy this crochet stitch!