HOW TO: Crochet the slip stitch

– one of the basic crochet stitches

HOW TO: crochet the slip stitch


Today I’m going to go through all the necessary steps on how to crochet the “Slip Stitch”. This is one of the most basic crochet stitches. It is frequently used as a “connection-stitch” or for edging & finishing up a crochet project. This is also the stitch that I most frequently use to crochet 2 pieces together (especially my sweaters).

You can find an overview of all basic crochet stitches here.

The stitch is going to be explained in a step-by-step picture guide as well as a short soundless video.

Just grab your hook & yarn – let’s start.



The “Slip Stitch” is often shortened to “sl st” in crochet patterns.


The steps:

1. Insert hook in next stitch.

2. Draw up a loop & pull through stitch & loop



I’m starting this guide strait off without any extra explanation on how to chain or start a row.

However you should have a few chains before you start (read more about chains here).

In the pictures I have chained 10 stitches, turned & crocheted single crochets across the chain row.


1. Insert hook in next stitch.

 sl st 1-400

Insert the hook in the next stitch.

(or in given stitch)

2. Draw up a loop & pull through stitch & loop

sl st 2-400

Draw up a loop & pull yarn through both stitch & loop.

You have now finished a “Slip stitch”.


Video guide:

This video shows you how to crochet the slip stitch along the row.

Hope you enjoy this tutorial!