Crochet Mason Jar Covers – 8 amazing patterns to choose from

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There are thousands of ways to make jar candle covers. You can literally choose from an endless amount of crochet stitches, & today I’m sharing a BIG new collection of 8 candle cover patterns. This makes a total 9 candle cover patterns in my shop. The idea was to make easy patterns to introduce you to my favorite crochet stitches.


Why Crochet Mason Jar Covers?

Well, let’s imagine:

– A warm summer night, in a garden, on your balcony or your favorite outside chill out zone. It’s getting dark, but it’s still warm outside. There’s simply nothing better than making a even more cozy feel with real candle light shining through your newest handmade jar covers.

….A few months later….

– A cold autumn/winter evening, it’s cold outside, you literally just got inside after running through rain or snow. You’re cold, freezing. You’re making yourself a cup of amazing hot cocoa & the candle lights from your jar covers are giving of the most wonderful shine.

It’s just that great…


What you’ll be making:

…Well, I might be exaggerating a bit, but I’m really loving these moments i described myself. Making this project lovely for any season. However I have also had a blast making these crochet patterns for you. 8 NEW candle covers covering all of my favorite crochet stitches I have shared with you so far & a few new ones.

2015-08-09 21.27.07

– The Lilac – made with The Double Double Crochet Stitch, – The Turquoise – made with the NEW – Trio flower stitch , – The Orange – made with The Double Treble Crochet Stitch, – The Yellow – made with The Bubblepattern, – The Pink – made with The Split Clusters (no longer available)

2015-08-09 21.22.54

– The Lavender – made with The Cross Pattern, – The Blue  – made with the NEW – Weighing Scale Stitch, – The Grey – made with the NEW – Slip stitch crochet stitch, – The Turquoise – made with the NEW – Trio flower stitch, – The Beige – made with The Woodland stitch 


These amazing crochet patterns are all available in my shop –  as a bulk pattern with all of them in one.  I’ve made the bulk pattern really affordable with a price as low as just 3.5 $ – meaning that there is huge savings when you buy all 8.

I hope you enjoy these amazing stitches & patterns! & really find these special moments to use your mason jar covers as I do mine.

candle jar covers

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