Crochet Hooks – how to make the right choice?

– The short & sweet summary of my experience.

crochet hooks - how to make the right choice


Today I’m writing a blog post based upon questions I’ve received from customers several times throughout the years. The question is often: “Which crochet hooks do you recommend?”, “Why do you use “These” hooks?”, “What brand crochet hooks do you have on the picture there?” and so on.

For this blog post I haven’t really gone in the depth of what the difference is between crochet hooks, I’m just writing a little more personal blog post on what my experience & favorites are.  I’m focusing on the grip & ergonomic side of it. You will not learn about the anatomy of the hook-“part” in regards to the choice of yarn.

Finally  I should add that I will mention brand names in this blog post, but it isn’t sponsored at all.

crochet hooks

What I’m looking for:

When I’m buying crochet hooks I’m looking for “comfort”. The crochet hooks that aren’t straining & exhausting my wrist & fingers.  This is really important when you are crocheting as much as I am, & will help you skip any pain & discomfort.

My experience in that regard is that I really feel more comfortable when crocheting with padded, soft crochet hooks. The ones that gives a little in the grip when you put pressure on them.

crochet hooks

What to think about when you choose:

The important thing to think about when it comes to comfort is the way that you are holding your crochet hook. There is several ways & mostly “personal” ways to hold them. I’m actually holding my crochet hook in a way that gives my forefinger lots of strain, & that’s really the first & foremost reason why I like the padded & soft hooks. (You can see in the picture how the hook has lots of pressure against my forefinger).


For those who are holding the crochet hook as if they are pinching it between the thumb & forefinger, might have a completely different preference when it comes to choosing hooks.

I’m suggesting that you find a crochet hook to explore how you’re holding yours. Could you change it up to make it more comfortable for you?


A round or a flat crochet hook?

The next question might then be: Should I use a round or flat crochet hook? Now I’m thinking about the grip.

In my experience this really depends on the size of the hook. For me it’s really most comfortable with flat hooks for the smaller ones, & I’m thinking the bigger ones are better more rounded.

I have a feeling that if you are using  a pinch grip you’ll have the best experience with the flat hooks.

You can get a combination too. These are rounded in the back & flat in the front. This might be the right choice for someone too.



My favorite?

I’ll have to admit that it’s really been one brand that have been my favorite for a very long time; Knitpro. They have different collections of hooks but it is really the ones with the name “Waves” that is my first & foremost favorites. I’ve bought a complete set of hooks in the whole size range & I mostly use them.

I’m sure there are many other brands that have such a great quality as well. But when you find a favorite it’s hard to let go of them.



I’m hoping you get some inspiration to find the perfect crochet hook for you. I’m thinking that this is really a personal choice & that my favorite might be an other persons worst nightmare. I hope you go through the thinking method & that this gets you in the right direction. The most important thing is that you don’t get lots of strains & pain if you really love crocheting.

Let me know what your favorite hooks are? Please comment below: