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Berry stitch Pinterest

HOW TO: Crochet the Berry Stitch

– a step-by-step picture & video guide Today I’m sharing a lovely  crochet stitch with you – “The Berry Stitch”. This stitch contains a few basic stitches as well as a few more complex steps. You’ll need to know slip stitches & single crochet stitches & the rest will be explained as you go. If you have bought one […]

Solis top Pinterest

Introducing the Solis Top

– A new Crochet Top from Joy of Motion I’m always quite excited when I’ve been able to finish a new crochet pattern, tested it & are ready to share it. I’ve had some really busy months & can tell you that I’ve been working hard. There are many new crochet patterns for 2016 in […]

5 cute ideas to crochet for valentines

5 cute ideas to crochet for valentines

– It’s that time of year again. Joy of Motion has been a fan of making crochet idea lists for quite a while now. You have the scrap yarn lists & the seasonal crochet ideas.   In the spirit of love & Valentines Joy of Motion is ready to share  another list of ideas. It’s […]

HOW TO- Line a hat with fleece fabric

HOW TO Line a Hat with Fleece Fabric

LEARN HOW TO LINE A HAT IN A TIME-SAVING WAY! When you’ve finished a crocheting a hat or even knitting one, you might wonder “How to line a hat”. Usually you’d want to line it with some warm & soft fabric, as fleece. But what fabric you choose is totally up to you. Related: Learn how […]

8 one skein crochet project

8 One Skein Crochet Projects!

8 WONDERFUL ONE SKEIN CROCHET PROJECT THAT LETS YOU USE THAT SINGLE SKEIN: One skein crochet projects are perfect when you’ve just got that one skein left when you finished crocheting a big crochet project. Even though you’ve got just that one skein, there’s no reason just to throw it away & never use it for a crochet project. […]

choro top

Another Crochet Top – The Choro Top

– A new Crochet Top from Joy of Motion! My favorite when it comes to designing crochet patterns is sweaters! I must say “I’m hooked”! That’s why I’m looking forward to share a new pattern with you today,  It’s a new crochet top! Well that’s as close as I come to a sweater design. Joy of […]

crochet hooks - how to make the right choice

Crochet Hooks – how to make the right choice?

– The short & sweet summary of my experience.   Today I’m writing a blog post based upon questions I’ve received from customers several times throughout the years. The question is often: “Which crochet hooks do you recommend?”, “Why do you use “These” hooks?”, “What brand crochet hooks do you have on the picture there?” […]

crochet your christmas wrapping (1)

10 Joyful Christmas Crochet Ideas

– to really inspire you this Holiday   Today I’m sharing a little more Christmas spirit. I’ve gathered a lot of ideas that really has that Holiday theme. Today I’m actually reusing just a few of the ideas from the Christmas wrapping blog post, but putting them to use in a completely different way. In […]

crochet your christmas wrapping

Crochet Your Christmas Wrapping

Today I want to inspire you; to Crochet Your Christmas Wrapping. This is a genius idea to make Christmas presents more personal. In addition I’m sure the receiver would be really impressed with your personal touch. But there’s more great to say about this. As most crocheters do, I’m sure you have lots of scrap […]

HOW TO- Crochet the Back Loop Single Crochet

HOW TO: Crochet the Back Loop Single Crochet

– a step-by-step picture & video guide Today I’m sharing a new stitch tutorial guide with you; The Back Loop Single Crochet. This is really just a single crochet. The only difference is that you will crochet only in the back loop of the stitch & not the whole stitch. To understand this stitch you […]