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The Ultimate Way To Keep Track of Row Count While Crocheting 

Disclosure. This post contains affiliate links. This means I’ll get a small commission if you click through & purchase (with no additional cost to you). I only use these for products I use & have a great experience with & I feel gives value to you. Read more about my reasoning here. Keeping track of row count […]

HOW TO- Line a hat with fleece fabric

HOW TO Line a Hat with Fleece Fabric

LEARN HOW TO LINE A HAT IN A TIME-SAVING WAY! When you’ve finished a crocheting a hat or even knitting one, you might wonder “How to line a hat”. Usually you’d want to line it with some warm & soft fabric, as fleece. But what fabric you choose is totally up to you. Related: Learn how […]

crochet hooks - how to make the right choice

Crochet Hooks – how to make the right choice?

– The short & sweet summary of my experience.   Today I’m writing a blog post based upon questions I’ve received from customers several times throughout the years. The question is often: “Which crochet hooks do you recommend?”, “Why do you use “These” hooks?”, “What brand crochet hooks do you have on the picture there?” […]

Yarn - all about - shops, experiences & quality

All about Yarn – shops, experiences & quality – part 1

– a resource for any YARNLOVER  – Yarn is adorable, soft, lovely, inspiring, thick &  thin, amazing & beautiful! This is really generally how any YARNLOVER feels. However we all have our favorite yarn, & also yarn we stay away from. We might have our dream yarn that we never buy because of the price, & […]

HOW TO- Calculate yardage

HOW TO: Calculate yardage

I’m sharing an easy way to figure out how much yarn you’ll need. A typical question when you’re starting a crochet project is: How much yarn do I need? Mostly my solution is to buy extra! I always think that I may use the excess yarn in a scrap project later on. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t. […]

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HOW TO: read a crochet pattern – part 3

– all the details & terms you need to know This is the final blog post in “HOW TO READ A CROCHET PATTERN”. This completes all the necessary knowledge you need to read a crochet pattern. I’m exited to say that this means you from now on can read any crochet pattern as a star. […]

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HOW TO: read a crochet pattern – part 2

– all the details & terms you need to know This is the second part of the blog series teaching all about “HOW TO READ A CROCHET PATTERN”. Today you will learn about materials, abbreviations, stitch explanations & charts. Read the first part here: HOW TO: read a crochet pattern – part 1. Understanding a crochet pattern […]

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HOW TO: Read a Crochet Pattern – Part 1

– all terms you need to know to read a crochet pattern To read a crochet pattern can be really overwhelming & confusing in the beginning. Even if you have finished a couple of projects you still might wonder what some of the details really means. However the more “complex” or detailed a crochet pattern is, […]

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US vs Metric crochet hook sizes

– I’m sharing a personal view of why you need it Understanding crochet: I’m a fan of being able to understand crochet no matter what part of the world you come from. When I learned crochet for the first time I learned it from my grandmother & I learned it all with Norwegian terms. I […]

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HOW TO Save Hours Weaving in Ends

THE QUICK & EASY WAY TO SAVE TIME WHILE CROCHETING Have you ever been frustrated after you have finished crocheting a BIG project? – you have to weave in all the ends! I have a great solution to this that have saved me literally HOURS of weaving in ends.   WHEN TO USE IT? This […]