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The Risum Hat – A Crochet Hat Design

– A new hat design from Joy of Motion It’s that time again, & I’m excited to share a new crochet design. Now I’ve worked on a hat design, as it’s the perfect pattern for the fall & winter season. I’ve also had Christmas gifts in mind when designing this one. Nothings better that a quick […]

7 ideas you should crochet this fall

7 Ideas to Crochet This Fall

7 Ideas to Crochet This Fall Today I’m sharing a crochet list with some of my favorite crochet ideas for the fall.  When the leaves start changing colors & the nights get darker, it’s usually the time when everyone start crocheting again. Longer nights, candlelight & a cup of tea accompanied by a new crochet project […]

shawl crochet pattern

The Actus Shawl – a Shawl Crochet Pattern

A new shawl crochet pattern from Joy of Motion! Quick project: Looking for a quick crochet project & something that gives you a quick “reward” by finishing real fast? This is the crochet pattern for you. Joy of Motion have finally added a shawl to the long list of crochet patterns & I couldn’t be […]

alba top Pinterest

The Alba Top – A New Top Crochet Pattern

– Joy of Motion are excited to share a new top crochet pattern First of all I’m proud to say that there’s a new top crochet pattern in the shop; The Alba top. Ever since I started designing this top a few months back, I’ve been so eager to finish & to share this design.  There’s been […]

7 summer ideas Pinterest

7 ideas you should crochet this summer

Today I’m sharing some of my favorite crochet ideas for the summer.  The summer is usually the time when people are busy with other things; like going to the beach, going away on vacations and simply enjoying the lovely weather. However – there’s no reason why you should skip making a lovely summer crochet project! For […]

Summer Sweater top Pinterest

The Summer Cardigan – A New Crochet Pattern

– Finally a Summer Cardigan like the Summer Sweater! Today I’m so proud to present the Summer Cardigan! I’ve had it in mind for months, but just a few weeks ago, while trying to get some sleep, the solution on how to make this design popped into my head. I just couldn’t sleep whilst thinking about […]

Coelum top Pinterest

A Summer Crochet Top – the Coelum Top

– A new Crochet Design from Joy of Motion I’m happy to be able to share a completely new design; The Coelum Top. It’s been a couple of quiet months here on the blog, & to be honest, I’ve had a little too much to do & way to little time for the shop & […]

minimis blanket pinterest

Introducing the Minimis Stroller Blanket

– A new crochet pattern from Joy of Motion It’s that time again. Finally a completely new crochet pattern is ready to be introduced. Today you’ll learn all about the Minimis Stroller Blanket, a baby stroller blanket: For some time I’ve been working on this stroller blanket. To be honest the idea came when one of […]

Solis top Pinterest

Introducing the Solis Top

– A new Crochet Top from Joy of Motion I’m always quite excited when I’ve been able to finish a new crochet pattern, tested it & are ready to share it. I’ve had some really busy months & can tell you that I’ve been working hard. There are many new crochet patterns for 2016 in […]

5 cute ideas to crochet for valentines

5 cute ideas to crochet for valentines

– It’s that time of year again. Joy of Motion has been a fan of making crochet idea lists for quite a while now. You have the scrap yarn lists & the seasonal crochet ideas.   In the spirit of love & Valentines Joy of Motion is ready to share  another list of ideas. It’s […]