The Alba Top – A New Top Crochet Pattern

– Joy of Motion are excited to share a new top crochet pattern

alba top

First of all I’m proud to say that there’s a new top crochet pattern in the shop; The Alba top. Ever since I started designing this top a few months back, I’ve been so eager to finish & to share this design.  There’s been some hectic weeks leading up to today with testing, writing, photographing & retesting the design. Now the whole list of to do’s  is checked of & the top is finally available in the shop. You can buy the pattern here today.

Alba top crochet pattern

The idea behind the top started when I wanted a new top for my summer vacation. Hence The Alba top is versatile oversized top that’s great bringing in the luggage. The top is the perfect top to throw over your bikini on your way to the beach. I’m also dreaming of using it in the time between summer & autumn. When it’s a little too warm for sweaters, but to cold for just a top or t-shirt. During that period I will use it as a sweater top. In addition, if you change up the styling, it’s going to be great for a summer party as well.  With this top crochet pattern there’s really endless possibilities.Alba top crochet pattern

The crochet pattern has skill level Easy. If it hadn’t been for the details in this pattern, I’d even say it would be a make for a beginner. The details is made with the stripes on both sides & with the pattern in the back. In addition it’s not a complicated construction with just the two parts.

Alba top crochet pattern

The sizing on this top is oversized & ranging from XS-XL. It’s really up to you how big you’d like it. To make a more fitted top, you can just make a smaller size. This makes the design quite versatile. Alba top crochet pattern

The top could also be used as a tunic or even made as a dress. You can change the design and make a dress with adding just a few rows. It’s important to consider that the top actually stretches & lengthens slightly when you wear it. That means that the top might seem shorter & wider while you crochet it.

I’ve added a few more pictures to let you get the feel of how the design looks like.

Alba top crochet pattern

Alba top crochet pattern

Alba top crochet pattern

The great news is that the top is available in the shop today & you can find the Alba top pattern here.

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  • Michelle Brigham

    Looks fantastic! I love the stripes in the front and the interesting curved stripe in the back. What a great design element.