7 ideas you should crochet this summer

7 summer ideas

Today I’m sharing some of my favorite crochet ideas for the summer.  The summer is usually the time when people are busy with other things; like going to the beach, going away on vacations and simply enjoying the lovely weather. However – there’s no reason why you should skip making a lovely summer crochet project!

For me the first priority when making a summer project is a nice & soft cotton yarn. This makes it much more comfortable to crochet in hot weather – rather than really warm wool. It makes sense right?! But I have to admit that I would consider making a few of these ideas in a warmer yarn too.


1. Mason Jar Covers

My number one favorite for a quick summer make is for sure Mason Jar Covers. They are quite a versatile & fun way to light up an evening in the garden.
I’ve got a bundle of different Mason Jar Covers in my crochet pattern shop, & I’m leaving you with this picture for inspiration:


2. Throws or blankets

Throws or blankets might be what you’d think of as a true winter project?
For me it’s for sure a great summer crochet idea, as I’m dreaming of those summer night, sitting outside when it gets a bit cold after a long day in the sun. It’s for sure the perfect time to use handmade crocheted blanket.
This picture is from Pinterest, where I’ve searched for “Blanket”, “Throw” & “Crochet”. I’m sure you’ll find lots of great patterns.


3. Slippers

So my next crochet idea is sort of also what you might think of as a winter project. But I’m thinking about those summer nights again. Nothings worse than freezing & with slippers your feet will stay warm.
I’ve got a great pattern for slippers & they’re the fastest to make.

slippers (1 of 6)

4.Crochet Plant Hanger

This crochet idea is such a great one. In this way you can decorate your garden or even indoors with your own personality. To see what I’m talking about check this link to a pin on Pinterest with a free pattern. Click here. 

5. Pouches for your sunglasses

Sunglasses are for sure a MUST during summer & what’s not better than making a really cute pouch for your sunglasses?

I’ve got a few patterns for these in my shop, check them out if you’d like.

Joy of Motion-105

6. Thin & lacy scarves or shawls

There’s nothing like a few really great lacy scarves to bring with you on summer vacation or on a day trip. They can be very versatile & be worn many different ways. Like around your hips on your way back from the beach, as a contrast to the more traditional way around the neck. I’m leaving you with this link as inspiration,(not in English I’m afraid): Click here.

7. Lacy sweaters

I’ve saved my most favorite summer crochet idea for last! I’ve been enjoying making lacy sweaters each summer for years. That’s also been the crochet patterns I’ve enjoyed making the most. Below is a picture of the most popular sweater design & for this post there’s nothing more perfect than “The Summer Sweater”:

Joy of Motion-169


Hope you enjoyed these 7 crochet ideas. Please feel free to share even more summer ideas in the comment section below.


  • Krystle Raquel

    Great ideas! I make granny square coasters for the summer 🙂

    • Sounds amazing with granny square coasters, such a good idea!

  • Annette McHugh

    Brilliant Ideas i make Butterfly Garlands To pretty the place up Entwined with little Twinkle lights they look great around awnings