5 cute ideas to crochet for valentines

– It’s that time of year again.

5 cute ideas to crochet for valentines

Joy of Motion has been a fan of making crochet idea lists for quite a while now. You have the scrap yarn lists & the seasonal crochet ideas.


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In the spirit of love & Valentines Joy of Motion is ready to share  another list of ideas. It’s a short list of 5 ideas to crochet for valentines.


1. Hearts:

It’s the most obvious thing to crochet for valentines. It’s the very symbol of what valentines is all about – LOVE. Hearts can be crocheted in a lot of ways & can also be used in the same amount of ways.

You can crochet hearts for decoration anywhere in your home; like heart garlands. You can also crochet smaller hearts to decorate a valentines card to your loved one. It’s just your imagination that limits you.

As earlier have I used Pinterest as inspiration for this blog post, & you’ll find lots of heart crochet patterns over there. Here’s what i found when searching for “heart” & “crochet”.

5 cute ideas to crochet for valentines


2. Boyfriend-girlfriend mittens

I call them boyfriend-girlfriend mittens, others might call it couples mittens. Its those mittens where you share one mitten & can hold hands while wearing it. It’s really quite romantic to be able to hold hands on valentines. With a pair of mittens like these you it’s perfect.

I’ve searched for a crochet pattern for these mittens, but haven’t been able to find it. However I’ve fund a pin for a pair that is sold handmade over on Etsy. Check out the pin here:



3. Candle covers

Joy of Motion have had candle covers on other lists several times before, however it’s perfect for valentines as well.

Setting the mood for a romantic dinner with some candle light makes it perfect. This is also quite a fast project & you’ll for sure be able to finish a few before Christmas.

candle cover

4. Sleeping mask

A sleeping mask is quite a cute (or sexy) idea to crochet for valentines. It’s a pattern by Maryanka on Ravelry that have given me this idea. Joy of Motion haven’t tried this pattern, but really loves how it looks.

I found it as a pin on Pinterest & you can see this here:



5. A gift for your loved one:

Well, this is really an unlimited & vague idea. However valentines is really a day for celebrating your loved one, & nothings better than making something for him/her. Since crochet is quite often a woman’s hobby, I’ve searched for a few crochet ideas for men on Pinterest.

There is “hat”, “men” & “crochet”, that is really an idea that you can make before the big day.

mens crochet hat

Next you can crochet anything Star Wars.

starwars crochet



This is my small list of ideas to crochet for valentines. Please comment below if you have any other ideas to supplement. Enjoy!