10 Creative Crochet Ideas for This Fall

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Today I’m sharing 10 wonderful crochet ideas for this season. I’m thinking wonderful ideas that will keep you warm. I’m also thinking about the Holiday season, & all the lovely Christmas gifts that you can make! Handmade is my favorite.

  1. Headbands

Headbands are quick & easy to make. They are wonderful to make & are really my favorite accessory to use throughout fall & winter. Below are pictures of the crochet patterns that are available in the shop for headbands, check them out here:

Joy of MotionJoy of Motion Joy of Motion-8Joy of Motion Joy of Motion-599Joy of Motion-273 Joy of Motion-462Joy of Motion-260











2. Hats

In addition to headbands hats are really the most amazing crochet idea for fall. Well simple enough, they keep your ears warm all winter long. However hats also come in lots of styles & can be made to suit any outfit. The hat for the cold day when you need to be stylish, or the hat for the day you are going snowboarding or skiing. There is no limitation to the choices you have to choose from. Here’s a few crochet patterns for hat’s  in my shop. Make one yourself if you love them.

nix hat (2 of 15) glacies hat (1 of 6) calida hat (3 of 13) delicatus lue (3 of 6)

3. Wrist warmers

Making wrist warmers is really a quick project, however they can also be the most wonderful gift. The wrists are really tender joints that easily gets sore & cold during winter. Keeping them warm is really a great way to keep them from any pain. There is an endless range to choose from when it comes to crocheting wrist warmer, but here is a picture of a pair that I’ve made. Link to shop in picture.

delicatus wrist warmers (1 of 6)

4. Slippers

Slippers are really the most perfect for this season. They are warm, comforting & also easy to make.

I’m adding a link to the slipper pattern in my shop, but a quick search on Pinterest might give you an other option. Enjoy!

Joy of Motion-605

5. Cowls

There’s really lots of amazing Cowl patterns out there! I’m really loving wrapping a warm, soft & wonderful cowl around my neck during cold days. If you’re like me, you might agree that cowls are perfect as gifts? Anyways – I’m adding a link to my favorite cowl in the shop – or you could check Pinterest for other inspiration.

Joy of Motion-573

6. Sweaters

I’m guessing that you know that I’m really a fan of crocheting sweaters. Mostly I’m using cotton for my sweater patterns, but I’m really also enjoying the idea of changing the material used in my sweaters, & making them in alpaca, merino or any really warm & soft wool. The Summer Sweater could easily be modified & crocheted with warmer material, but also other sweaters.

Joy of Motion-187If you’re not getting excited about this design, I’m suggesting that you head over to Pinterest to search for some amazing & warm sweaters.

7. Scarfs

Scarfs are really lovely to make. I’m thinking that you could just make your headbands longer & you would have a lovely scarf. Check you headbands for inspiration or do a search on Pinterest.

8. Mittens

This is maybe one of the most important crochet projects any fall/winter right? What’s worse than cold hands?

Below are my Bellus Mittens:


9. Cardigans

The idea of crocheting cardigans is really a lovely & exciting idea. They are often slightly more complex than crocheting sweaters, but they are great to add to your fall wardrobe. I’m thinking thicker & warmer yarn. I don’t have any warm cardigans in my shop, but as with sweaters – what about making it with wool yarn? I’m really loving this idea.


10. Christmas gifts

I have to admit, this is not really a specific idea. Christmas gifts really can be anything. Ranging from the 9 previous ideas to something completely different. However I’m adding this idea to get your head going on planning your handmade Christmas gifts. It’s really nothing to compare with such a personal & unique gift.



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