About Me

about me

I’m Janne or Ennajk, and Joy of Motion is where I share my crochet work with the world.

I learned basic crocheting from my grandmother when I was young, and now I design my own patterns. My experience and skill in crocheting has grown through the years by making mostly gifts to friends and family. In 2011, I made my first crochet pattern, and after that, I was “hooked”. I started experimenting and making more and more: sweaters, scarfs, hats, candle covers ++. In 2012, I started thinking about selling items online, and then “Joy of Motion” was born. Today I sell my own crochet patterns in my shop, with an increasing amount to choose from.

I live in Norway, but sell my patterns in English & they can be downloaded worldwide. I love the idea that someone in another country can enjoy the designs I make. This is a way the world becomes smaller and smaller – you can get something great in no time from any part of the world – and I participate in that. I also love the idea of buying handmade; then you always get unique finds.

Included in any purchase is follow up by mail, making sure you get the best & closest experience possible. If you have any challenge finishing any of my crochet patterns you can always contact me and I will answer as fast as possible. No question is a dumb one! 

Then you might wonder when I design all the patterns my shop? I’ve got a long progress from the idea “in my head” until it’s published. Generally starting with sketching the design & then finding the right yarn & hook for the pattern. After that it’s on to trying, testing, ripping up & repeat for a few times before it’s getting it’s final shape. In that progress I’m making sure all details get written down, giving me an easier time with the final pattern writing. The final pattern gets tested & just contact me if you’d like to participate on a design. 

I cannot help multitasking & many projects get crocheted while commuting to work (my full-time job) or even some crocheting is done while watching TV.  The pictures of my items must be shoot in daylight, which is a constant struggle here in Norway – when most of the day here is dark in the winter. Somehow, I usually find the time.

Selling online is a constant learning curve for me, there is always something new. Nevertheless, I also get a great amount of joy from designing. The best part of it is when I hear the “ca-ching” on my phone – this means that someone likes what I make – and have made the choice to buy something. There is nothing more encouraging & heartwarming than that, whilst earning money from selling my designs is more or less a last priority.


Hope you have a great day; & I hope you enjoy my shop & blog!


Thank you so much for taking the time to read all this! I really appreciate it!